You are beautiful.

(c) Pino Daeni

When you look into the mirror, let go of the tag which says that you are not beautiful. When all judgments fade away, the beauty reflecting not on the mirror but in your eyes will be the glint of your inner beauty radiating outwards.

Feeling beautiful about self is what matters more than what others think about you. Trust me, finding beauty out in the world is like a wild goose chase if you cannot find it within. We all have a very confined way of looking at “BEAUTY”. Our medieval definition of beauty needs some reformation. We need to redefine it by first redefining our own perception, because beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, you see.


I wish for a day to come when we wouldn’t depend on the mirror to judge how exquisite our looks are. We’ll just had to look at the eyes of the other person and find out.

“If my words could only reach out to the world, I’d tell them that real beauty means more than mere looks. For if I sit down to list all of beauty I know, my pen will not stop till it binds my thoughts into a thousand books”


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