This is love…

old love
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I have seen love which is more intense than love itself, the one that we see in the movies or read about in the books.
I sometimes wonder whether it’s just me who can see through things, that others are blindfolded towards, or maybe my classmates are a bunch of amateurs who lose control of their tear-ducts over small matters.

Say for example, just a few days ago, a girl from my class was crying her heart out over a boy who had broken up with her. She wouldn’t talk to a soul, she wouldn’t eat a thing and when I started to feel sorrowful for that forlorn creature, that’s when I learned that they were together for just a month.

Just a month and the melodrama of an entire Shakespearean play!

I enter the scene to share a piece of my mind with those creatures to better the things for them. When I say that THE PAIN WILL PASS, they look at me as if I just delivered a lecture of about a hundred words in some alien language. When I say that they must not fret over little things,I become the bad guy in not a moment’s delay.
What they’d say would sound something like- “Kanika, you won’t be able to feel what I do. You know little about love, for you have never known what it is, really.”

Little do they know that I know what Love is, though my definition differs from theirs by a wide margin.

…but I have seen my grandma…
After my grandpa was gone, a part of her, or rather her entire self was gone too. Grandpa, my dear nanu was a bald man with a bulging belly who had always been my favorite person. I loved him entirely. However, it was grandma’s love that I’m speaking of here. When about 50 years ago the two of them gave one another their words of being there for the other forever and ever afterwards, they gave the other more than just words. There, the words counted little but the eyes spoke where the mouth spoke not.
Then after, I wondered how grandma would make it through without him, the person with whom she had been for 50 long years. Without a doubt she is a tough lady in the cover of a mere wrinkled person and yet, when it comes to the person you love more than yourself…

Now I know how:
Grandpa was more than just a physical being to her. She can go on loving him till eternity regardless of whether he is in her presence or not. She can feel him, now and forever. The void that his absence had created in her heart has been refilled by his very essence. There can never be a part within her that he does not fill.

Yes. This is love.


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