GOD, are you there?

I try a lot to figure things out. I look for reasons, for explanations.

I’m living in a rational world among the ones I call “thinking people”. I know that there are people who share my thinking when it comes to the creator we call GOD. I’m a non-believer. I think that if there would be neither the love of heaven, nor the fear of hell, most of the “believers” would even forget about their faith in not a moment’s delay because they are God fearing, not God loving. I see the world through a very rational eye. I will never be able to accept meaningless realities of idol worshiping, or worshiping in the assigned areas like temple, mosque, church to name a few. Does God reside only in confined places? Answer yourselves people! Then there are others who claim that there exists some power, call it God, Allah, Bhagwan or by any other name who is the master of this universe, who is the divine artist. Yet I do not buy their words.

….then why? Oh why when it comes to answering questions like..”When you look up, who do you think created it all?”…am I speechless? The believers would say that it’s God and end all torments of theirs. But here I, I keep on driving myself crazy while trying to put scientific explanations behind it all. I try to solve this puzzle, all in vain. When I cannot find answers, I simply accept that science is still to evolve. Yes, this is how I sort things out when the question comes about God.

Then again, I’m wondering why am I writing God with a capital G when it’s nothing more than a name to me. Moreover, why in the business of life have I chosen to write a little something but in God? I don’t know, and I guess I will never be able to figure certain things out, and that’s what troubles me. A lot.

They say that once you understand God, you’ll be able to figure out your unanswered questions. You’ll be a better human then. But I don’t need reason to be good, do I? I don’t want to be a person that I am only because the guy called God is looking at every move of mine. I must be human not because I fear punishment or crave for the rewards, but because being human is what comes right from my heart.

Then, I don’t have to look for answers every time, I guess.


5 thoughts on “GOD, are you there?

  1. I believe in God, but I do not fear it. To me god is simply the source of creation and the consciousness of the universe itself. I know full well what I would be held accountable for if I had a life review right now. I also believe that we face our true selves, which is spirit form at death. I have already acknowledged my true spirit, one of unconditional love and understanding, one without an ego.i helieve our spirits (or souls) are immortal and that they have the capacity to exist outside of our bodies. Our souls may reside in these bodies but our bodies are only physical vessels for our physical existence. Think about all that a person can dream about and create in their mind. Those talented and creative enough can bring their visions to reality in life if they work hard enough to and if society wants them to. Without the support of others we truly have nothing in this life. So much more gets accomplished when we work together, I hope this posts provides you with some hope and inspiration.


  2. God is everywhere, the presence of God is does not reside only in confined places. I strongly believe there is a higher influence and power in this universe, but I do not worship idols, nor do I feel the need to worship God in a designated building. If I feel the need to pray, I will do so regardless of where I am at the time. Haven’t had a problem with doing that yet. I worship God in my own way, as everyone should be allowed to do, so long as they don’t have evil intentions to commit crimes against society and humanity at large.


  3. For me, I find it best not to think of god as a “guy” or anything like that. To me god is the spiritual essence that we came from and the presence that sustains and helps to evolve life in the universe.


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