The Hatted Stranger.

As the wind rose, it lifted my hair backwards in a wave and then died. It rose again making the thin fabric of my red T-shirt press tightly against my chest. My face was smeared by a thousand cold kisses the harsh storm brought along. However, a storm much stronger, much wilder aroused within me as my gaze stopped for a while at that dark-hatted stranger.

Leaves crunched roughly beneath my feet and when the dense fog quickly crept in, a feeling as if lost in the icy arctic took over. I figured out that I was being greeted by winters.

…..and yet the hopeless romantic in me finds a mystical charm about that chill.

There is a warmth in the approaching cold which makes its way towards my untamed heart. No, the warmth was not that of the ice-cold wind, it was but in the face of a stranger that I met halfway. In that lit up smile which radiated warmth. We just passed by but that brief moment spoke worlds. The sun in that smile radiated the summer afternoon warm glow and I could almost feel my skin burning.

But did I tell about that dark hatted stranger to anyone? No. I kept it to myself. I didn’t want to share that moment of mine with any body because that would just ruin it all. No one will ever be able to feel it with the same intensity that I had.

Even though my heart is well acquainted with the fact that I wouldn’t be seeing that stranger another day of my life, I know that that sunny smile will be enough to keep me warm for the entire winter, and after all,  spring is not too far off, so perhaps, a morning stroll then might have me come across a gold-hatted stranger.


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