(c) Vicente Romero

My mind is a tangled web of thoughts and when I sit down to contemplate, then do I realize how much different are my actions from my thoughts.

…she left the house some time back, and when I should have been the one singing the world’s most beautiful verses for my beloved sister, I only stood like a block when the time came to bid her goodbye.
Maybe because I wasn’t ready for the change, maybe because I tried to put on a brave cover, maybe because I wanted to let her know that I wouldn’t be the least miserable without her.

Soon lost in my own world, I forgot that I had a sister too, with whom I had shared so much in common that I’ve been a mirror image of hers all along.

Whenever she would call me on phone, she’d always say ‘…I love you…I miss you’, my answer always being the same monotonous…‘hmm’. Why would I do that? Why wouldn’t I let her sneak a peek inside my heart? I suppose that my heart too couldn’t figure out how much I longed to be with her, just as we had been once upon a time, regardless that we no longer were so, and turn around the world and come to be as we once were.

Then the time came for her to return home. I wondered how I would welcome her back. A smile along with a portrayal of excitement perhaps would do. With that, I went on.
When I first caught her glimpse, I could only see her back. Words did not flow out of my mouth easily and as she turned around, I barely realized what I was doing before I ran towards her and fell into her arms. Overwhelmed with joy, my tears adorned the event when I saw that her’s did the same.
All this while, I had well concealed my feelings, but she effortlessly pulled every string of my heart and made it sing the song it had been craving for all along.

Call me again and I swear you will not hear me say ‘…hmm’.


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