Guess What? Somebody Just Got 50 Followers!

…aaand I feel like a king.

All right, all right, I feel like a queen, fine?

My heart is singing out a merry tune and I’m sooooo soooo happy!! Ladadademdeda…

There is nothing quite like that “one second” of logging into WordPress to find the news-feed icon gaily shining orange. First of all, that one second isn’t a second at all. It stretches on for long, and in the space between, there are a thousand volcanoes erupting beneath my quiet exterior. Just the feeling of being read by someone from the other side of the screen is so wonderful that the hypothetical idea itself is actually enough to make me flip myself about a meter high up in the air. So don’t ruin the perfection of my moment because I too am aware that there are bloggers out there with a following counting to hundreds of thousands. And they do deserve such appreciation in disguise for the brilliancy of their work.

That’s me, almost bursting with excitement to have fifty followers.

But here, I am proudly flaunting my fabulous fifty because to me, they mean much more than mere number. And if I could, I would jump straight through the screen to each one of you and after getting done with the tight hugging session; I would shout and sing, “because I’m HAPPY”.

(c) Google image search

But that would just get weird, I guess. So I’m here with affection commanding my entire self, to let you know that I love you all.

I hope that with the power of our words, we together rise up for a better world. But if in the dark lanes our words disappear, we take up the actions too, for we do not fear.


19 thoughts on “Guess What? Somebody Just Got 50 Followers!

  1. Congratulations on 50 followers! I enjoyed reading of your enthusiasm for blogging and the joy you experience when you realize you are plugged into a community of others who like, comment and follow. Over time that enthusiasm is sometimes harder to tap into. Reading this post has helped me remember what I love about blogging. Thanks.


  2. Hi, Kanika. I really like your background. I took calligraphy in college and loved it. Flowing letters seem to transport me to a long ago era when grace and beauty were appreciated over stark, straight lines that seem to mask everything on the inside. Thanks for liking my day 3 post.

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