How to Lose a woman’s heart

(c) J H Bacon

“Women”, I dare say, is one weird species. Their emotions are as unpredictable as unpredictable itself. I tell you this: there is no rhyme or reason to their actions. You might win the heart of a woman even when you do nothing at all or you might lose it even when you do her the world. A little hint: women like mysterious men. Stand in one corner, don’t utter a word, act exceptionally alluring and pretend that you are Mr. Darcy’s descendant. You are bound to strike a chord!

You are, however, bound to lose her heart if you commit any of these errors:

  1. Don’t shower too much affection upon her: it is a universal truth that ‘women fish for compliments’. Compliment them, good friends, but with a measure. Your passion might be boundless, however, don’t make it boundary-less. All of it at once is not going to be valued for a long time. This means that that’s The End!
  2. Don’t be the third guy: if you go about solving her relationship issues in the hope of securing for yourself a place in her heart, STOP! You are likely to get friend-zoned. You perhaps might become a best companion, and if that’s all you want then congratulations! You’ve just earned for yourself the spot of her new ‘girlfriend’!
  3. Don’t over-stare: staring till a certain extent is fine, after all who doesn’t love a little attention? However, if you over-stare, that might become offensive, which also is a signal of The End!
  4. Don’t be ugly with your words and your actions: because…wait! Do I even need to emphasize on this point? There can possibly be nothing worse than being vulgar with your words, so just don’t, all right? Just DON’T!
  5. Don’t be a pathetic conversation maker: ‘Hey!’ you say. ‘Hey.’ She replies back. –Awkward silence proceeds- ‘Umm… I really like your scarf.’ – That’s fine…only until you don’t stretch the topic about her scarf for the length of an hour. You lose her interest- you lose her heart. So if you don’t have anything interesting to say, I suggest you keep your trash with yourself. After all, it’s better to keep silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubts.
  6. Make her awfully jealous: don’t always be the good godly guy. Use your wit, your brains and my help to win your beloved’s heart. Making her smoke, burn, and finally turn to ashes with jealousy is not going to do much harm. As for you, it’s going to do much benefit. Make up a story about this person you like and don’t forget to sing in praise of her beauty a million times a day. She will pretend that she does not give a fig, but she sure as hell does!
  7. Don’t wait for your moment: grab the moment and make it yours. Now here’s one secret that I intend to share with you all: not in a million years is a woman going to be the first one to acknowledge her affection towards you. She might fancy herself on a long drive with you; however, if you expect her to admit it, then you are awaiting an event that will never occur. Therefore, don’t make her wait terribly long, for she might change her mind about you. Occupy her world; let her not think about any man but you. Do the right things, do them well too, and win her heart before there’s a chance to lose!

Then again, it ought to be known that there is no rule book as for the do(s) and don’t(s). Therefore, my last suggestion is: be a man- a man of steel, yet bear the golden heart. That’s probably more than enough. Even if you don’t earn hearts, you’ll certainly earn respect that way.

If you have more suggestions to add on to the list, or if you have your questions, feel free to use the comment bar below.

Good Luck!


3 thoughts on “How to Lose a woman’s heart

  1. This is brilliant, Kanika! I found myself nodding to every point. That is exactly how I feel about the whole situation of courting a woman. If a guy was to abide by those rules it is quite possible that he would be able to win my heart, mind and soul.


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