A disgrace on humanity

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••He woke up that morning only to see darkness!
He- who lived only to see the funeral of his classmates!
He- who might be called lucky, is the unluckiest of all!
He- who will never see his friends again, never will hear them call!••

The apocalypse is no longer a distant propaganda. I WITNESSED IT TODAY.
6 armed demons – enter a school in Pakistan – target the innocent – spray machine-gun fire – howls and screams of children – they run for rescue, all in vain – firing continues – hours later, all that remained was the chaste blood: blood and limbs and torn pieces of children’s flesh.
This evil happened not in my land, the dead are not my kin…but I share the pain, I suffer the ache. The sin that was witnessed is a disgrace on humanity. Blind on revenge, man has committed unjustifiable crimes. Look where are we heading now!
…and as the dead lay cold in their graves, all I do is write- write my sorrows, write my condolences…then burn a candle for some light…and mourn the death of the innocent ones…nothing more. No, I cannot revive back their lives, none of us can. But one think that we all can do is practice and preach LOVE. Love is the force which can conquer over all evil. Go..sprinkle LOVE all around!


14 thoughts on “A disgrace on humanity

  1. There is far too much violence in our world. It seems to get worse every day. The causes, I believe, are greed and hate. We are all born sinners. Jesus Christ came to give us the power to love the unlovable, thus conquering the greed and hate. But His power only works in us as we invite Him to change us and make us more like Him, who is the embodiment of peace and love.


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