Waiting for you

Today, in the rain struck morning,
In the silent sloppy street,
I was walking alone under the umbrella,
That umbrella was waiting for you.
Few faces passed me by,
But my eyes searched only for yours.
Yes! You- in my mind, in my thoughts, in my heart,
Like a hunter, possessed by her hart.
The storm raged on,
The rain was fierce too,
Yet an empty bench on the empty street,
Was waiting for me and you.
That’s when my thoughts took form:

Your fingers were up for a little mischief,
I could feel their tickle even through the layers I wore,
As they traveled through my back,
Gripping my arms then holding my waist,
And drawing me into your passionate embrace,
For then your passion -as boundless as it is-
Could no longer be contained beneath your skin,
So you turned and I could feel your breath,
Upon my cold, blush smeared face.
-Words then lost their value-
I lifted my self up on my toe,
You bent your head a little low.
And all the hosts in heaven applauded,
And the lightening split the sky into two.
Tall trees swayed in delight,
Stealing a little glimpse on the sly,
And the wind too craved to witness the scene,
So it blew away the umbrella,
Under which was you and me.

The street, the bench, the umbrella too,
Perhaps might wait another day or two.
But with this melancholic craving in my heart, I say:
For you I’ll be waiting forever and another day.


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