Lady Night, The Faithful Witness

Lady Night slowly descended over the scene,
Creeping quietly over the city, and lulling all men to sleep.
But there amongst her darkness, in the dimly lit park,
Walked the two of them in glory, oblivious to the dark.
Her hair waltzed divinely with the breeze,

Her heart made the rhythmic beats,
And though the air was possessed with warmth,
He saw her shudder, and he wondered.
But lady Night was a witness:
When his right shoulder rubbed against her left,
That slight touch stirred her inside,
But he was blind to see the reason,
And he only wondered why!
When the street lamp down the avenue,
Threw a haze of light upon his face,
She saw him then, her heart played tricks,
Beating aloud, responding to his grace.
All these years, she built a fortress,
For her fragile, unthinking heart,
But effortlessly he crumbled it like a sand castle,
Broke into and reeled back the story to the start.
Lady Night had been a witness still:
That she secretly loved him so,
Ever before he fell for her,
She had been wanting to tell him too,
But words, the right words won’t come to her!

Will she ever be able to whisper so in his ear? Or will she keep it to herself for ever?
Lady Night, you shall be a witness to that unfathomable future!


23 thoughts on “Lady Night, The Faithful Witness

  1. Beautifully expressed. If she has this way with words, the lady night would witness the most romantic words ever said πŸ˜‰
    An amazing play of words in an imagery filled with colors of serendipity.


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