Kiss the moment

I drew in a deep breath and my lungs filled up like a balloon as I leaned forward to kiss the moment…

IMGA few weeks ago, the morning sunshine found me strolling about the green land of my home town. It’s been years, yet feels like yesterday when we as kids were running through the green fields, chasing the butterflies.


When the wind lightly brushed over my face and the alluring fragrance, peculiar to the place, lit my inner core, I figured out that I was being greeted by the land. The soil chaste, the leaves as if washed, blossoming splendor encircled me within its charisma.


The rolling hours would witness the hypnotic beauty- while running to freedom and climbing trees all day long, listening sweet murmurs of the insects at dusk, counting countless stars knowing captivation surpasses sleep and when the slumber spell strikes at last, only waking up to the gossips of the birds.


…and that was when the moment kissed me back!


15 thoughts on “Kiss the moment

  1. Reminded me of the line of ‘Boyhood’ – We don’t seize the moment, the moment seizes us.
    The sensation you have talked fills the reader with serendipity and peace. And ofcourse, the pictures compliment your words amazingly. There is nothing like the lap of nature in one’s hometown 🙂


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