Drain Away

The sky was angry, dark clouds converged,
Dry leaves eddied and the storm raged on.
Regardless of the dark, her heart bloomed with light,
For her eyes met his, both spoke delight!
A smile played hide and seek on her lips,
Her vision blurred with a teary mist,
She leaned forward to place a kiss- the pain drain!
And her lips wiped the dust from the old photo frame.


33 thoughts on “Drain Away

  1. Beautiful. Your poetry always tells a story, this is what I’ve observed. I always love reading it because I know I’ll get a brilliant conclusion in the end.
    Keep writing! 🙂


  2. that poem is so very very beautiful. I look forward to reading more of your words…..and thank you for posting this.Now I understand why people always tell me I write from my heart. This poem is definately written from the heart!!


      1. thanks for the comment on my hat. I love this hat. I clicked on the button to follow you. If that was a taste of your poetry I might end up being your biggest fan. As I say the poem was so beautiful and I love it


  3. Wow ! The wonderful imagery you painted with your words in the first half of your poem brought goosebumps. The next two lines left a smile that seemed lasting but the beautifully written poignant words in the end stopped the heart. An amazing play of words and emotions you have depicted in these few lines. Loved it ! 🙂


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