I write for you

Dear Reader,
If you are reading this, do so with all your heart, else stop! Abandon this piece and return not. Unfollow The Artist if you may, but please don’t ruin this piece of my heart with your heartlessness.

I write for you…
When in possession of ink and virgin sheet,
Where my thoughts- a movie, starring you and me.

So in Thoughtsland we are again by the lake that summer day,
When you took me by the hand whispering the words you had to say.
I saw the light as it leisurely faded into the crescent night,
And I wished to hold you, the universe and time.
Till all else cease but this moment of our being.
You’re in my mind- when I write-and I write for you.

I write for you, but…
I must confess that I’m not really a love poet,
Though I am a poet in love!
Then one frosty day, I met you by the lake,
You softly uttered the words- that I was just a mistake.
And all you left me with are the memories
Of the moments that will never even come to be.
But there’s one thing that I will never confess-
You’re in my heart- as I write this piece of art- and I still write for you.

I have a sneaky suspicion that you still haven’t packed your baggage to depart. Oh you must care, don’t you? You did read it with heart, didn’t you? Oh, what a perfect blend of mirth and melancholy my heart is! Dear Reader, this is no flattery, you are a fine person, you are.
The Artist

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