The Ride

Lately, I have been lately accused of being a little too much passionate… It might be true.

After all, how could one possibly keep passion at bay when the person sitting alongside is the finest man there is!

Dear friends, without further ado, I will tell you that today I sat for hours beside the most enchanting man, responsible for my passionate love woes.


Last week, I chanced upon him at a friend’s place.

“I want to introduce you to someone”, said my friend.

It was him, exquisitely dressed, with an aura of dark charm around himself. We exchanged a few words of politeness before parting. And my heart, I remember clearly, was well locked inside my ribbed cage.


Thursday evening, I saw him again. It happened so- I was offered the bench of the college editor-in-chief (which I’m slightly proud of). Turns out, by coincidence, by fate, by luck, he was one of the four chief editors, and the partner whom I had to work with, for the publication of the yearly newsletter.

We were to get started from the next day.


Today, I woke up with the alarm of excitement ringing within my heart. I washed my hair, painted my nails, and dressed in my best clothes. I even found a forgotten bottle of perfume and rubbed it on my neck and wrist. A little touch of cherry-red gloss on my lips and I was good to go.

I first spotted him inside the headquarter room through the glass window. He wore jeans and a black tee.

I waited for him to come out, barely paying attention to the words of the other two chief editors. Out he came, traversed unhurriedly the corridor, ran his hand through his dark hair, and there he was before me, the most charming man I had ever been alone with in a crowded hall. But the mischievous nymph within made me act saucy and haughty. I pretended to have not noticed his presence, waiting eagerly for him to greet me first. I was not disappointed.

“Kanika!” His voice pierced me through, making its way towards my untamed heart.

I looked at him, my heart in my mouth. The words vanished from my head, leaving me completely wordless.

He smiled at me curiously with gorgeous dark eyes. He was so tall and handsome.

I bit my lower lip.

“Hi!” I finally found words.

Then the four of us headed towards a secluded and quiet room, cut-off from the rest of the building.

Quite soon, as though a favour from The Universe, the two unacknowledged editors made an exit, leaving the room to him and to me.

And together we sat, exchanging more than just words and glances and smiles. Facing more of each other than the dull laptop screen.

But while he was typing, I saw a rather remarkable watch in his left hand.

“What a grand watch that is!” I remarked.

“It was a gift from my grandfather on my eighteenth birthday.”

“Wow! Mind if I see it?”

He unclasped his watch and placed it on my hand.

“Looks even better when you wear it.” He said, suggesting me to put it on.

So I did, failing miserably to clasp its unique buckle.

Within moments, I could feel his hands on mine, holding it delicately and effortlessly, buckling the strap of the watch around my wrist.

I’ll leave the rest of the picture to your imagination, my friends!

“Kanika, free for a moment?” Intruded one of the editors, who entered the room without any prior warning.

“Of course!” I lied.

“Excusez moi?” I asked him to make space for my exit, since it was practically impossible for me to get away otherwise.

He pretended to have not heard me. I repeated my demand. No response.

“You are not being a gentleman”, I said.

“That’s exactly what I am being”, said he.

Perhaps he hinted towards the fact that he is being a gentleman by not letting go of me. I cannot say for sure though.

Then reluctantly he got up and stood aside and I traced my steps towards the other room.

Hours later, we found ourselves in the library, completely drowned in one another’s company. Not to mention, we were two times pointed out by the old mustachioed Librarian.

But we possibly couldn’t care less, for the world was a far forgotten stranger.


When this romantic encounter was repeated in front of the veterans, they gave me an hour lengthy lecture to keep my heart safely locked. I’ve mastered this lesson before, you know. But I unmaster it every time I fall in love.

I can’t wait for the next time I meet him!


11 thoughts on “The Ride

      1. Hey,
        Glad to know that you’ve found somehow whom you admire and love. I wish you all the best. And hope to read great stories of your togetherness.
        Have fun. Spread love. 🙂
        Take care. 😀


  1. Kanika! Ah, he sounds absolutely magical. I understand passion when it is due to seeing a hint of godliness in a man. I am the same. I feel butterflies fluttering about in my stomach, my skin tingles, I stop breathing, forget how to speak and my cheeks turn a brilliant shade of red. There’s nothing wrong with passion. It is just the side effect of being attracted to someone and having a very vivid imagination. 😀 I hope all goes well with your mystery man. 😉


    1. It astonishes me to see how well you echo my thoughts (considering the fact that we have never even met).
      The smell of coffee is wonderful to me and I hope that you like it too. We must catch up someday. There is just so much I would love to tell you and so much I would love to hear from you. If ever you come to India, you must remember that a cup of coffee is awaiting your arrival. But if that is not anytime soon and the coffee might get cold by the time, tell me here about how you have been all this while?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I do love the smell of coffee although I don’t drink it. I am more of a tea drinker but I would be happy to share my thoughts with you over some or other beverage one day. I imagine we would have long conversations about our thoughts, dreams, temptations and the meaning of the stars. I would certainly enjoy that and a holiday in India one day sounds like it could be an adventure filled with beautiful sights and wonderful people.
        Since any beverage would be cold by the time I get there I will share with you that I have been very well, thank you. How have you been?


  2. I know how it feels to lose your heart and head over someone this way. It’s an endearing feeling, true, but it is equally scary.
    I also relate to you when you say you’re too passionate. I’ve been a both a criminal and victim of passion.
    I genuinely hope you make it work with whoever the lucky guy is. Because nobody deserves to be anything less than happy; least of all, you.


  3. I don’t think you can ever be too passionate, so long as you apply the passion you feel about someone or some cause towards some positive end, it is important to express the passion for life and potential love that one feels in some artistic way, clearly you are a brilliant writer so you should continue doing that. the potential to fall in love with someone and experience true love is exciting, but it shall come along for you at the proper time when it’s right for you.


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