Often, I wonder about how unfair this Universe is,

To steal from me my perfect moment of bliss.

Yet, oftentimes I outwit the Universe’s happenings,

By secretly picturing you in my dreams.


A starlit night in a secluded city of France,

Amidst a sea of passion, amour and romance,

We would lie on our back and admire,

The moonless starry nights of desire.

I would then observe the insignificance

Of our being as compared to the vastness in sight,

And you would smile and say, “If that’s your thought,

Good luck, my dear, for the rest of your life.”

And in my dream you then placed my hand.

Upon your beating chest, such bliss!

And slowly, we rose together,

Drawing into a starlit French Kiss.

The universe, stars, time and space,

All appeared insignificant that moment,

The world ceased, infinity emerged,

Leaving behind the ginger haired boy and myself in it.


But the sun peeped through and the stars disappeared,

And the realization of distance struck me clear,

That we are oceans apart, thousand miles in between,

Maybe one day the Universe will be kind, maybe then we will meet.

6 thoughts on “French Kiss

  1. Your muse certainly inspires beautiful poetry, Kanika. 😍
    I hope that the universe will, indeed, be kind to you one day.


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