To a faraway friend I have never even met


Dear Francois,

When mornings find you strolling through the wilderness,

Or when in the locks you’re working with glee,

Or perhaps by night when you’re by yourself,

I hope you occasionally think of me.

Not as a distant thought fairly forgotten,

But as an existence you can see, touch or feel.

And thus, overwhelmed, you would propose to

Banish the land and quietly into the seas steal.

We’ll spend the nights and days and the in betweens,

Admiring nature’s work of art,

Eating, drinking, merry-making, of course,

And filling each other with the desires of our heart.

Just the thought, cher Francois,

How glorious, how unfortunate!

For even though it be but words,

Do think of me when you’ve read it.


15 thoughts on “To a faraway friend I have never even met

      1. Revolutionaries are often if not always intellectuals, and would always appreciate art since it is a part of creative expression. Before i ever cared about revolution I was a writer and a reader first and foremost. Of course I check my mail, although are we talking email here ot actual physical mail?


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