Of revolution and revolutionary

(c) Jacques Louis David

The truth is that utopia is a state of mind and not of reality. The sad truth is that we take that as a poor excuse to back the dysfunctional corrupt society and its working.

My words echo the voice of a fellow writer and revolutionary- Matthew.

Dear reader of my words,

I do not know who you are or where you’re from. Or what you look like or your likes or dislikes. We might have had a friendly conversation over my blog or yours, or we might have not. I can’t say whether I remember you or you remember me or there are possibilities in between. I don’t know whether we’ll ever cross each other’s path. Perhaps we’ve already passed each other by and we never even realized.

However, I am certain of one fact- we are all stringed together in this running saga called life. We all are linked, some way or the other. What happens in one end of the society affects the other as well.

A few days back, I happened to exchange a few words with Matthew who claims that he “was placed upon this earth to make the government more perfect”. These words had an effect on me more than volumes of books written to no avail.

Often, we are so absorbed in our lives that we turn a blind eye towards most of what we think does not have anything to do with us. We prefer our cosy homes to the struggles of the world- our world. We leave the battle un-mended, un-fought and un-done.

How many of us really care? Stand for the cause, fight the battle and try till we bleed and die? Not many would be my guess.

Yet we dream about utopia. We criticize and curse. We play the blame game.

We keep hoping that someday some unknown power will come and do something, not knowing that no one else but we ourselves have the power to create a swirl of the revolution that we wish to see.

Since we carry the disease, so shall we deliver the cure. It’s a struggle, of course. It’s going to demand a tremendous amount of everything. Then why must we fight this battle?

Because revolution is not only possible but essential.

‘Actions speak louder than words’ stands apt for dear Matthew. You can find him passionately working over Boston- A Societal Revolution, if he is not already up to some revolution or the other round the next corner.  


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