“Such wordlessness for a writer?!

No ink so intense, no paper so absorbing, to turn my heart into art.” Thought she.


The sky, with passion, beheld the world,

breathing a dark blanket that embraced

the life within, and fiercely swirled,

to divinely dance in the music thus graced.

Abandoning her artist, the restless ink, the virgin paper,

She freed her bare self out- letting great drops wash over her.

Unseen even to sight was darkness purged,

with the October showers that eclipsed time.

Her world ceased, infinity emerged,

and wordlessness fell to blank verse or rhyme.

For when divine inspiration failed, his being revived,

transcending time and space, all died yet memories  survived.

Thus, she sat again, thus, the words brimmed,

thus, the ink flowed and thus, she wrote.

All of him that was hazy and dimmed,

She recaptured and contained in an inky note.


18 thoughts on “Inky note

  1. This is an amazing post, you are a truly talented artist and writer. Your words are very powerful and your poetry is eloquently written. I can see you are very passionate and dedicated to your work as a writer.


    1. Hey just want to make sure you are saving your posts outside of this blog, I wouldn’t want any of this content you’ve worked so hard to to get lost if anything ever happens. I’m sure you save it outside of this blog, but I just want to make sure!


        1. Kanika,

          I knew you’d be smart enough to save you work in multiple places. I guess I just wanted to confirm that you did, just in case. I hope you enjoy reading my new post, it’s one of my longest posts so far and I put a lot of time and effort into crafting it and making it perfect from my point of view. I’d say it’s probably the most well written and eloquent post I’ve written so far, all thanks to you since I was inspired by you!


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