250 Words Story: Part I- The Mad Scientist

(c) Gerard Boersma

Young Sir Maxlock watched from behind the curtain of his shadowy room the multitude of guests as they joyously advanced towards the mansion.

‘This night shall unfold into the nothing new’, sighed he.

Dusk darkened into a starry night. There was music, merrymaking, dancing, lavish food, expensive drinks and attractive ladies, yet Sir Maxlock chose solitude over revelry. He walked into the balcony, blowing smoke up at the universe, utterly oblivious to what it had in store for him tonight.

Science was Sir Maxlock’s mistress. He’d uncover the mysteries of the universe rather than the delicate bodies of fancy females. They didn’t arouse him enough. They all inevitably succumbed to his charms, although there was little pleasure to be had from it.

People thought of him a mad scientist. Yet they failed to understand the craving of the genius mind- a desire to discover the dark.

“Max dear, the gathering is awaiting your arrival”, announced the Lady of the house as she entered the almost-dark room. Sir Maxlock walked back to the room.

She flooded the room with light which made visible the form that had been hid in darkness for so long. Gods from the Greek legends would find it difficult to match the perfection of his being.

“I shall be joining in shortly, mother.”

Despite his own will, he found himself walking towards the crowd.

He desired to abandon and never return. He devised a technique- to invent a machine that would make time and space travel possible.

(Young Sir Maxlock being my charming muse I am most ardently in love with.)


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