With love, from me.

(c) Leonid Afremov

In the busy street today,
Among the hustling world,
I hid myself behind a newspaper,
Counterfeiting deep concentration,
As though indifferent towards the half empty bench that I sat on.
But my seriousness was a frail mask,
To cover up the wildest elation of my heart,
For in the opposite bench was you!
But you do not know the mystery my heart bears:
That I secretly love you,
Yes, I do!
That I kiss your pictures on my laptop screen,
Yes, I do that too!
And dare I say, I wonder…
That when underneath the shower I stand,
And the burning water trickles down my skin,
As though it were your amorous mouth spilling all over me,
I grab on to the moment, to the gliding water too,
Thinking that it’s you!
Maybe one day you learn about it, and say:
“If I would have known earlier, I would have come to you right away”.
Fair chances there are that you never find out,
And as long as I live, I’ll only think:
Of you and me, as we could have been,
Had you only known this love in me.

(First published two years ago.)


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