50-Words Story #1: Lottery Ticket

old chair
(c) Kristina Davidson

Every year, old Billy would buy a lottery ticket. This year, old Billy bought two tickets instead.

He happily sold one to his neighbour at double the price.

He sat in the old chair and switched on the radio. A muffled voice called out the digits.

“Won!” Cried his neighbour.


6 thoughts on “50-Words Story #1: Lottery Ticket

    1. So dear Matthew has not abandoned this miserable artist after all!
      Can’t expect the neighbor to share his newly gained fortunes. Not everyone’s a saint, or revolutionary or Matthew…
      If it were a story about the two of us, I could count on you for half the billion, right?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I would never abandon you, seems like its very easy for me to get so wrapped up in my own problems these days. i always think about a lot, but I don’t always take the time to write about how I feel. your blog is one of the few sites I visit online that brings me true happiness. of course I would give you half a billion dollars since I already know you would use it for charitable purposes and to improve your country for all people. my love with always be with you.


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