her being
(c) Google image search

She laid on the couch in lacy lingerie.

Her unclothed legs were intertwined,

belly button bare, bosom heaved gently.

Her eyes gazed at the empty infinityย above her nose.

The cascade of hair cloaked her naked shoulders.

She trailed her fingers through her body-

slowly, softly, ever aware of her being.

That she is everything she can think of.

She is life and annihilation, both at the same time.

The breathing universe flows like blood through her veins.

But when her body is against yours,

do not be deceived to think that you can contain her,

for who could dare contain the universe?

(First published one year ago.)

34 thoughts on “Her being

  1. ‘She trailed her fingers through her body-
    slowly, softly, ever aware of her being.
    That she is everything she can think of. ‘
    My favourite lines – I must have read those three lines about ten times – the whole poem is beautiful!


          1. The name initials meaning morphed over the years. When i 1st started writing I wrote under the name dark cloud. As i was really depressed at the time & struggling to find meaning in life. Also to many who saw it assumed something negative about it. Then I met someone who renamed me to da coolest. But i use DC primarily verse explaining it. But now people will know if they read this comment. ๐Ÿ™‚


                  1. It’s an expression I heard decades ago. Someone who truly loves & treasures U could call you anything & it would sound like angels singing in your ears.

                    However someone who doesn’t share those feeling could say your name & it’ll sound like nails on a chalkboard. lol

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  2. Wow! I absolutely love the emotion in this! The vision of the woman looking so sexy, available, but a warning to one who would think to posess her, for it is an impossibility. Brilliant. It is also sexy and alluring. You made it so I wanted to be the one she was looking upon. Of course, it helps that I have a thing for lingerie, lol


      1. She does read it, and and she has seen me do worst things, wich since you are a lady I won’ t say…. although they are plated in some of the posts, military thing, thug thing, e.t.c.. She’ s no dummy.
        By the way why are we talking about my mother, she loves her kid, I love her and not more to it.
        The question still stands, are you having dinner with me?
        I will have some vegetarian food even though I might commit sucide latter on, but just for you I will do it.
        What part from India are you from?


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