Painting by Andre Kohn
(c) Andre Kohn

Merciless melancholia pierces my heart

I shall let it bleed a while

Drop by drop- my pleasure, my pain

Will drop by drop colour my rhyme


10 thoughts on “Melancholia

  1. Sometimes, to let the pain go, you have to let it cut through you. But don’t panic; sooner or later it will pass.


    1. In my defence I would like to observe that I’ve been caught up in the mundane aspects of life.
      The cruel French love of my life has pushed me into a bottomless abyss of melancholy. If you have honeyed words for me, I’m all ears.

      Tell me about your whereabouts?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. If you need to talk you always have my email sweet girl. As for him his loss! Someone will come along worthy of your beauty and your mind! Melancholy is the best muse of all, spill your heart, bleed on the page!


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