Painting by Leonid Afremov
(c) Leonid Afremov

When an infant, I couldn’t deny the kisses
of elephantine lips on my baby face
that too by strangers!
But now that I’m all grown
and have power of my own
I do whatever pleases me.

The grandma-kisses, though hard to refuse,
are the most disagreeable of all.
The touch of her decaying lips on the cheek
no matter how lovable and warm, is honestly- unpleasant.
I’d rather massage her aged feet with oil
as a portrayal of my affection.

The relatives’-kisses are no better,
I give you that.
And when the festive season arrives at last
there arrives the kisses exchanging season too!
I’d rather exchange gifts and smiles
as a portrayal of my affection.

The parental-kisses are another thing,
that are needed most at the hour of despair.
Other times which are valued little,
and by me- sincerely refused.
I’d rather embrace them with all my heart
as a portrayal of my affection.

There are then sisterly-kisses, friendly-kisses,
and kisses defining courtly love.
All demanding separate assigned places to be kissed on.
Sisterly- cheek, friendly- forehead,
Courtly- hand, eye and corner of the mouth.
I’d rather resist that call
and portray no affection at all.

So perchance if a rainy evening,
in a deserted street I pass you by,
and you- my umbrella-less darling,
display your desire to come under mine.
I shall strike you with my drenched umbrella,
toss it on the ground, fume and throw fits.
Then pull you closer through the collar,
to engage in a passionate kiss
as a portrayal of my affection!

(First published two years ago.)


11 thoughts on “Kisses

  1. Only a writer with pure talent, such as you, could make a striking sound desirable! I am forever left in awe after reading your works of art, dearest Kanika.


  2. Well, if you were here I’d give you a kiss for a wonderful journey through kissing. My aunt used to pinch my cheek. I would have much preferred a kiss.


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