Destiny of a true lover

(c) Divine Arterior Design

Oft have I thought of you, dearest

and oft, dearest, have I felt

a wave of melancholy sweep over me.

Because you are everything I am not.

You are as lively as life,

I am duller than the sky bereft of sun.

If you are the sea-storm,

I am but a ripple

and holding you back would be as though

trying to hold back wind in a lacy cloth

– a hopeless, hopeless chase.

And so I must let you flow and blow and waft

across far-off lands,

through countries unseen, unknown,

through waters and valleys and moors

creating a torrent wherever you go,

creating whispers and applauds behind you,

for that is what you will.

From afar will I see you rise

like a great tornado building from dust,

for that is what you will.

And from afar will I smile,

in the vain wish that perhaps

the course of the tornado will change,

and it will come back for me,

engulf me and slay me and thus

afford me a promising death

written in the destiny of a true lover.


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