How noisy this silence

that tramples on my soul

with leaden footsteps.

Thump-thump. Thump-thump.

It laughs at me for choosing

a cold and darkening room 

where neither warmth nor light

of the world outside enter. 

How this silence beats

in my ear like a drum.

Drum-drum. Drum-drum. 

I cannot think nor write. 

This silence is maddening—

yearn I, like a virgin, for words.

Come, ravish me with your voice,

fill my ear with your honey-tongue,

rest your head on my breast,

penetrate me with your lullabies

till silence vapours and I sleep.

But please don’t sit so still

I cannot bear such noisy silence.

I had rather cut a vein

with my own word-sharp blade

to lay bleeding unto the eternal silence.

15 thoughts on “Noisy Silence

  1. Yes, silence can be deafening – especially when you are waiting and wanting to hear from a loved one – or from a blogging friend – or from God – and there seems to be no response. But, remain confident, remain hopeful, remain attentive… the still small voice is whispering love and reassurance … all the time! ❤


  2. I never thought, the silence could be this much noisy..
    Wonderfully written…
    I’m quite amazed by the flawless use of poetic devices. They are just perfectly used..
    Great job buddy!! Keep it up!!


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