This train of thought began with a crashing sound. I looked down and saw my ceramic coaster in five broken pieces. How many cups of tea it had borne the heat of, how many dark round stains it had endured while I was busy poetry writing…

It happened in the early hours of the morning. I was dusting the room when my careless hand swept over the coaster and it slid off the table and onto the marble floor. Mother in the kitchen thought the monkeys had attacked us again. I told her it was only a coaster and she let out a sigh.

I picked the pieces and left them on my table. I made the bed, wiped the mirror and the windowsill, and opened the window for fresh air before returning to the coaster pieces. I would have thrown them, why certainly I would have, and I almost did. But they didn’t look beyond repair.

So out came a tube of glue which I smeared on the edges of each piece. Within a minute or so, my job was done. The pieces really stuck to each other and though tributaries of cracks were visible, the coaster looked just fine. It even did its job as good as before. And I began to wonder, why is mending so hard? Why was throwing the pieces and replacing the broken coaster with a new one the easier option?

Why are broken ceramics, coasters, relationships easier to discard than to mend? These are all fragile things, and a careless fall to the marbled floor can break them to pieces.

Is it the unsightly visible cracks, as in my coaster, that make us want to throw them? Or the fear the cracks might open up again? Or have we misplaced our glue in some old, dusty drawers?

Oh but what of the memory of the object we’d cherished for so long? Nothing? Alas, nothing at all then? I’m writing what I’m writing because I’m searching for answers. But I’ve nearly exhausted my words and still haven’t found them. Perhaps you know? Perhaps you can tell me why mending is so hard?

4 thoughts on “Why is mending so hard?

  1. Sometimes mending can’t happen because the broken pieces are missing. Can we save the remainder and find it beautiful even with some chunks gone? Can’t replace time.


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