Kanika Tripathi

Kanika Tripathi speaketh,

If only you saw the world with my eyes,
You would have known what passion there lies.

An ardent fool? Maybe.

Lover of art who hopes to create wonders out of voids. Some glorious eighteen years of her life were spent in the hilly, lake town of Nainital, India, where she lived with her family. The vacancy of her being was filled with the beauty of the simple pleasures of life.

For the past three years, she has been living in Delhi, away from home, where a new life brought alongside new adventures. And though there is nothing this life doesn’t offer; there are only few things that bring her as much pleasure as do the company of words. When in the left hand, her pen becomes a horse, riding her to the faraway lanes of imagination.

As a victim to cupid’s arrows, she usually finds herself under love’s passionate spell. But soon enough is heartbroken too, and swears never to fall again.

And yet she is foresworn. She says,

Take away the moon, the stars
Take the fire away from art
Take the beholder’s eyes too
Still can’t part passion from heart.

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  1. I tried to comment to you on community pool. My computer is acting up though. I have not been blogging long and don’t know what I am doing myself half the time. I will say this. My computer died while reading and before I had a chance to follow you. I liked what I read so much I went through the comments to look for you again. So you must be doing something right!


      1. he he 🙂
        Thats done..!!!!
        and do pay a visit to my blog too, and let me know what you feel..!! 🙂
        Till then stay happy..!!!
        – Samjoth


  2. Thank you Kanika, for your appreciation. As a man who just recently returned from four years in India, and other Asian countries, and having a good friend with the same last name as yours, I somehow feel connected to you; but especially through your very thoughtful, and heart warming words. You’re a wonderful poet!

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    1. Namaste Doug!
      If we ever happen to cross each others path, we shall sit in a cafe and drink coffee together! Perhaps you’ll fill me up with all your adventures in India, no? And thus the two poets will sip from their glasses and exchange words!

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      1. Namaste Kanika!
        I’d love that! Paths are so very interesting, and intriguing places…especially when they meet! Many beautiful things have happened on many special paths that I’ve traveled upon. My adventures in India were so fascinating, so full of amazing people, gorgeous children, tribals and elders, friends, love, beauty, valleys, and mountain tops, as well as self and other enlightenment; it was all there, along with hurt, and some disappointment too…all of which was perfectly fine with me, as to my knowledge, the journey of life isn’t in the business of discrimination! It is for this very reason that India and I loved one another as we did. No matter what it was that happened, even when it was tough or hard, it was beautiful, and touching. As primitive as India is in some ways, I learned so much about myself while there, and still now…Which is why I’m now writing a book about the four years of my life I spent there, and the very extraordinary adventures I experienced, which by the way, began as a romance that started online between a Gujarati woman in Mumbai and myself, after she read something that I wrote and became interested, and shortly thereafter friended me on Facebook, which I accepted, that eventually unfolded in quite an unbelievable story that will soon be in print. Just that story between she and I might very well be enough to make your head spin!! And I’d love to share it with you, that is, providing we can manage to meet one day to drink a little bit of coffee, in the sunshine…Doesn’t that sound nice? Taking a sip from each others cup, while exchanging words of poetic source, hmm. Yeah, sounds pretty cool to me, my dear! Name a place and a time, and I’ll meet you there! :))

        Rumi said: “Beyond the ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing, there is a field; I’ll meet you there.” I love Rumi, but I especially love this quote of his…beyond the ideas of right and wrong, and the concepts that people have developed about them: there…let us meet there. How beautiful! And what a special way to come together, and meet!

        Thank you for your reply, Kanika. It is a pleasure to be in this dialogue with you. I wish you a superbly beautiful day; one that is as lovely as you!

        Sincerely, Doug


      1. I thought for a moment that when you said “The Rosed Diana,” you were referring to a certain poem or verse and then I remembered you replied to my comment on your blog and I saw my photo. 😀 I have to say I love the way you write!


  3. hey Kanika, I love your writing!! I also write (songs) and with them comes my attempts at being lyrical in my band Waiting For Henry ….
    i go for palms
    you go for majesty
    we go for songs
    you go for tragedy
    what would you do
    it can happen to you
    on the last day of your life
    i go for palms
    you go for blasphemy
    i do the wrongs
    you make it right for me
    what would you say
    when it happens that way
    on the last day of your life
    mastery in beams of light
    on the last day of your life
    i go for palms
    right where you’re supposed to be
    righting the wrongs
    be what you dare to be
    what if she said
    you’de be better off dead
    on the last day of your life
    mastery in beams of light
    on the last day of your life
    we’ll go for palms
    you go for imagery
    you’ll go for anything’
    right where you’re supposed to
    on the last day of your life
    on the last day

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  4. I love the way you have presented your works on this blog.Well,your intro brought a smile on my face because I too become a victim of Cupid’s arrow easily and then getting heartbroken so many times promise myself that I would never fall in love again!:)


  5. I hadn’t read your introduction yet. That is really compelling. At your age, I was a silly brat and had no purpose. I admire you, you have a great power into yourself. Keep the passion flowing, my dearest.

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  6. Wow!! 18 years in Nainital!!! What a beautiful scenic location to live in.
    Life in New Delhi must be a stark contrast; I spent my entire childhood there, in New Delhi!! And shall always have a soft corner for, that beautiful capital city.
    Glad to come across your Blog!!! 🙂


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