Kanika Tripathi

Kanika Tripathi speaketh,

If only you saw the world with my eyes,
You would have known what passion there lies.

An ardent fool? Maybe.

20-year-old student of literature who hopes to create wonders out of voids. Some glorious eighteen years of her life were spent in the hilly, lake town of Nainital, India, where she lived with her family. The vacancy of her being was filled with the beauty of the simple pleasures of life.

For the past two years, she has been living in Delhi, away from home, where a new life brought alongside new adventures. And though there is nothing this life doesn’t offer; there are only few things that bring her as much pleasure as do the company of words. When in the left hand, her pen becomes a horse, riding her to the faraway lanes of imagination.

As a victim to cupid’s arrows, she usually finds herself under love’s passionate spell. But soon enough is heartbroken too, and swears never to fall again.

And yet she is foresworn. She says,

Take away the moon, the stars
Take the fire away from art
Take the beholder’s eyes too
Still can’t part passion from heart.

57 thoughts on “About

  1. I love the way you have presented your works on this blog.Well,your intro brought a smile on my face because I too become a victim of Cupid’s arrow easily and then getting heartbroken so many times promise myself that I would never fall in love again!:)


  2. I hadn’t read your introduction yet. That is really compelling. At your age, I was a silly brat and had no purpose. I admire you, you have a great power into yourself. Keep the passion flowing, my dearest.

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